Importance of Potassium Consuming

bananas, pears and nuts on white backgroundScientists assure that consuming only three bananas a day allow you significantly lessen risk of cancer development. They also say that these fruits could prevent stroke because it is rich of potassium.  Moreover bananas are the best remedy with fighting to high blood pressure.

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How to Choose a Healthy Food… and Read the Label?

If by any reason you suddenly decide to eat much healthier and turn a healthy lifestyle, at first you have to consider and analyse Read the Labelthe food you eat and your existent eating regimen. This will be really good for you to find out the reality of your diet.

Before buying any food consider all valuable nutritional information labelled on packages to avoid ingredients and additives that may not be good for your health.  Reading the label on a packet of food you have to know that the ingredients are listed in descending order by weight.  Continue Reading

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Healthy Meals Recipes: Haddock Omelette

This is great for the weekend when you have more time to prepare a special breakfast.


* 3 eggs

* Salt and Pepper

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What Activity to Choose? Trampolining and Going to the Gym…Tips

Apart from the fact that jumping up and down makes you feel like a kid again, trampolining causes every cell of your body to react. Steadiness, reactions and circulation get better, your colon stimulated, body toned, muscles strengthened and feet massagedGYM exercises

When you go to the Gym you sometimes see people spending countless minutes and hours on the one machine. If you go to the Gym you have to vary exercises. For example, do 10 minutes of the walking machine, 10 minutes of the stairs, 10 minutes of lifting weights and so on. This way, you vary your workouts, don’t get bored and get all the benefits … Continue reading


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What Activity to Choose? Walking, Jogging and Swimming.

Walking is most preferred forms of exercise. No experience or equipment needed. You can do it any time and it’s free! Provided you do it on a regular basis and for long enough, walking can be just as helpful as any of the more dynamic activities like jogging or trampolining.Swimming

How to start? Start with 10 minutes walk twice a day. Then you need to extend the walking time and do it gradually faster every other day. Ideally it could be work up to walking for one hour. You can break that hour up to three sets of 20 minutes. For instance you do it before breakfast 20 minutes, and then you do it before lunch 20 minutes last 20 minutes you walk before dinner, because any activity before meal time improves your metabolism. .. continue reading

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The Health Benefits of Almonds

Doctors all over the world recommend including almonds in eating plan. Just single handful almonds consumption is able to killAlmonds benefits hunger for entire day.

The health benefits of almonds include getting relief from constipation, respiratory disorders, cough, hearth disorders, anemia, impotency, and diabetes. It also helps in hair care, skin care (psoriasis), and dental care. It is a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. It also contains zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. Almonds contain the most nutrients in comparison to all other nuts.

Almond consumption is also good for brain, heart, in pregnancy;

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Detoxification and Cleansing

When we speak about detoxification and flushing out the body of dangerous toxins, it’s often seen as an extreme part of detoxificationvegetarians. We actually don’t like to consider dangerous toxins accumulating in our colons or in our blood vessels, but it’s often a by-product of a fad diet.

An eating plan that’s high in fat and over processed foods have a tendency to slow down our digestive systems, and our removal procedures are as well broken up.

This can let dangerous bacteria and toxins to accumulate and can create a common reaction of slowness, as well as a host of digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome or colitis. When we start consuming a healthier vegetarian eating plan, we start getting more dietary fiber into our systems, and suddenly, our digestive … Continue to read

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Detox and Weight Loss or Why You Cannot Get Good Result.

The fact that most of the trendy diets don’t work, don’t last and often put us at risk for serious health problems seems less Detox and Weight Lossimportant to many desperate diets than the glittering promises these plans make. Although many diet gurus preached the gospel of exercising mare and eating less, of cutting out fats, or of eliminating carbs, you have to understand that our bodies and metabolisms are too complex for such simple solutions.

The low-fat, high-carb diets are actually creating weight gain, sugar cravings, fatigue and diabetes. You have to take into account that the essential fatty acids are very important for weight loss as well as for overall health and beauty. So what  is the solution?  Continue reading

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Free Relaxation Music

The sound of the river water flowing through the forest, the sound of the birds singing in the trees, the sound of children laughing and playing, all of these sounds bring us a very powerful state of mind just by listening to us. For some the sound of the river is frightening for others it’s a very relaxing way to relieve their stress. So it’s a fact that music controls our emotions, thoughts and why not let free relaxation musicour imagination flow and dare to say even our dreams. The guys at Discovery’s Myth Busters discovered that plants even grow better to nice chilling relaxation music for some reason. Even water changes its molecular structure according to the sounds surrounding it. Fascinating yes?

In the past maybe people really went to the forest to relax and listen to the sounds I was talking about earlier. But now we live in a modern age where the computer became a necessity right next to the fridge or oven. If not before. In the 21’st century everyone has a computer and almost everyone has an internet connection, so why not take advantage of that. Of course you can find on the internet relaxation music. But this music is going two ways, the first way is the way where you have to pay, hey I can write a jingle with that line. Anyway the second type of music is the free kind, and having in mind… Continue reading 

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Music for Relaxation

In your years as a human being, you probably noticed that music affects your body not only psychologically but it also brings some physical changes with it too. You also probably noticed that music can be used as an effective stress management tool and relaxation method. So if music has that big of an impact on our lives why not take advantage of it.Music for Relaxation

Music for relaxation is the best way of relieving mentally stresses, a great way of releasing some of the tension your muscles carry and of course it can put your body without you even knowing or realizing it in a Meditative state, which carries wonderful stress relief benefits with it. There are a lot of ways in which music can be used for relaxation, for example the upbeat tunes can take your mind off what you were thinking or stressing about and help you feel more positive and optimistic. A reggae style of music can help you reach an incredible mental form for any activity you have to do in the future or near future. Listening to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” song, a song that Will Smith listened in “I Am Legend” when the world was ending, can give you positive vibration, and of course a positive mind is an enlightened mind. The point is that with your mind relaxed you can do activities with much more productivity and creativity than when you are stressed.

People have been using music for relaxation from the fall of the Roman Empire ion 486 AD to the beginning of Renaissance in the year 1400. But if now we have a dozen instruments that can help each and every person reach their desired state of mind or touch a special feeling somewhere, then people were using the chanting method, which was an amazing way to use music for relaxation. They used chants especially in churches because of the divine way chants were sounding in the echo of a church, therefore bringing people that went to that church a positive and confident state of mind.

Another great way to use music for relaxation is the use of Zen Meditation Music. A great and enlightened writer, well at least from my point of view, named Osho said that the way to reach your maximum potential is to let your physical self go when you don’t have anything to do and only act when you truly are trying to accomplish something. So relaxation is the key, and the professional Zen relaxation music is specifically designed by gurus to help you relax your mind and it works just by listening to it. Unfortunately professional gurus are hard to come across by but fortunately Zen Music isn’t. A quick google or youtube search can do the trick of bringing you dozens of Zen music along with its relaxation benefits. Simply lie down, put your headphones or listen to it on the speakers on a volume that isn’t disturbing and simply go into the deep peace and freedom that’s at the basis of your mind.

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